About – Who am I?

Hey, thanks for coming here, you are awesome 🙂

I’m Anna. I’m not a person easy to describe.

I love life and Haribo. I can look at paintings and feel something magical happen, that is instantly pulling me to do something creative, like… making music. Or writing. Or just enjoying it inside and creating an emotional concoction to be used later in a creative way.

I love observing sunsets, like the Little Prince, not so much sunrises, because (as my mug says…) ‘Do I look like a morning person?’ 😛 I have once or twice enjoyed a sunrise at the beach, however, as I’m a seaside girl. Therefore, I have a natural inclination towards open water, which inspires me a lot, as well as nature does in all its forms (you’ll find me in parks quite often, with a book, or talking to a stranger).

I live in London, a city that never sleeps (but where, nota bene, the tube is closed at night 😉 Meeting people and learning new things fascinates me, as well as dreams do. Not only mine.

I’m a twenty-something healthy food junkie, a keen meditator and I love dancing with my best friend, even in the rain wearing wigs (awkward? who cares ;). I aspire to live in a ‘carpe diem’ manner, although I make some plans too.

I’m a creative and curious person, interested in the world around me… That’s why I’ve set up this blog. There are so many things on my mind and in my heart that I would like to share with you. Let’s do this step by step. Themes and subjects that I am drawn to include music, art, books, inspiration, mindfulness and living your life your own unique way, as well as things that are unusual, thought-provoking, funny, intriguing, or just simply relaxing.

I take life as it is and I look around and listen to the sound of living, some of which I want to recreate on this blog.



Anna beautiful photo


1 Response to About – Who am I?

  1. CultFit says:

    I can’t begin to thank you enough for stopping over and visiting my humble blog-o-thing! It truly means so very much to me. Be inspired and please take care.

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